About the Ministry

Crop Development Division

To provide expertise and services on crop development.


  • To formulate, review and monitor implementation of
    crop development policies, legislations and rules
  • To develop crop development strategies and programmes
  • To build capacity of RS and LGAs in crop development
  • To promote sustainable agriculture

Extension Services Section

  • Plant Health Services Section
  • Agricultural Inputs Section
  • Crop Promotion Services Section

Extension Services Section

The Section will perform the following activities:-

  • Advise on policy formulation and strategies for extension services
  • Establish, introduce and improve extension services methodologies for use in Local Government Authorities
  • Establish standards for extension services delivery and monitor their implementation
  • Provide technical guidelines to RS, LGAs and farmers and advise on good agricultural practices (GAP) including traceability
  • Develop and disseminate technical extension packages for use in RS and LGAs
  • Promote sustainable agriculture
  • Monitor and evaluate extension services provision
  • Facilitate research extension farmer linkages
  • Build capacity of RS and LGAs to provide technical advisory services to farmers
  • Coordinate and facilitate extension services providers (Local Government, Private Sector)
  • Provide advisory services on agricultural exhibitions
  • Facilitate in-service training of extension workers
  • Promote the use of information communication technology in extension services delivery and develop extension data bank

Plant Health Services Section

The Section will perform the following activities:-

  • Facilitate crop pest management
  • Facilitate Inspection and Photo-sanitary Certification
  • Facilitate RS and LGAs to provide internal Plant Quarantine services
  • Coordinate Management of outbreak of pests and diseases
  • Coordinate Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Bio Control Services
  • Provide regulatory services on registration and sound management of pesticides
  • Control of quality and standards of plant protection substances
  • Enforce Plant Protection Legislation
  • Promote the use of information, communication technology and develop and maintain plant health data bank
  • Monitor bio-safety and bio-security aspects in agriculture

Crop Promotion Services Section

The Section will perform the following activities:-

  • Provide advise on strategies for increasing production
  • Promote production of strategic and competitive crops
  • Develop and maintain Government Orchards for multiplication and dissemination of improved varieties of horticultural crops
  • Facilitate promotion of commercial farming including contract farming
  • Provide advise on production of crops based on agro – ecological zones
  • Facilitate promotion of drought tolerant crops
  • Provide advise on sub sector policies on strategic and competitive crops
  • Provide advise on potential areas for production of crops
  • Provide advise on potential areas for production of crops for local and export markets
  • Provide advise on enforcement of crop industry legislation and guidelines
  • Set and enforce quality standards on production and processing of traditional and non-traditional export crops
  • Prepare quarterly and annual crop promotion reports and disseminate to stakeholders

Agricultural Inputs Section

The Section will perform the following activities:

  • Initiate and review policies and strategies on agricultural inputs
  • Inspect and certify crop varieties
  • Control quality of seed varieties
  • Facilitate promotion of on-farm seed production (Quality Declared Seed [QDS])
  • Promote private sector participation in seed production
  • Enforce agricultural inputs legislation (fertilizers and seeds)
  • Process and register new seed varieties,' seed farms and seed dealers
  • Establish national supply and demand for Agro-Inputs distribution and utilization
  • Establish and enforce appropriate inputs delivery systems
  • Build capacity of RS and LGAs Extension staff to provide advisory services on appropriate handling and use of agricultural inputs
  • Develop Agricultural Inputs Databank