About the Ministry

Environmental Management Unit

To provide expertise on environment management within the agricultural Sector.

The Unit will perform the following activities:

  • Monitor compliance with the requirement of Environment Management Act within the Ministry
  • Advise on policy and legal reviews on environmental management in the agricultural sector in collaboration with Vice President's Office (Division of Environment)
  • Monitor environmental protection compliance in the agricultural sector
  • Oversee the implementation of strategies to minimize adverse social-economic impacts due to agricultural activities
  • Undertake strategic environmental assessment of the agricultural sector on sectoral legislation, regulations, policies, plans, strategies and programs
  • Oversee the preparation and implementation of Environmental and Social Impact Assessments required for investments in agriculture
  • Collaborate with the Ministry responsible for local government, to build technical capacity of RS and LGAs to integrated environmental issues in their District Agricultural Development Plans.
  • Educate the public on environmental friendly agriculture
  • Prepare and coordinate the implementation of Agricultural Sector environmental action plans at the national and local levels as required under EMA