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Training Division

The Department of `Training is one of the eight Departments in the Ministry of Agriculture Food Security and Cooperatives (MAFC) whose role is to offer short and long term training programmes.


To have in place agricultural training institutes with the capacity to address adequately the training needs of the stakeholders in the agricultural sector by year 2025.


To facilitate the training institutes to train confident and competent agricultural field staff, youths for self-employment and farmers through creation of  conducive learning environment in the training institutes; offering demand-driven training programmes; enhancing the capacity of training staff to deliver and enhancing stakeholders participation at all stages.

To transform from subsistence agricultural production to commercial production through adoption of modern husbandry practices by farmers by year 2025.

To conduct short and long term pre-service and in-service training for staff of the Ministry and also to offer tailor-made training to youth and farmers.


  • Facilitate Management and Development of the Ministry's training institutes
  • Carry out pre and in-service training to the technical staff of the Sector
  • Develop strategies and programs for Training Institutes sustainably
  • Facilitate review and updating of curricula in line with clients' demands
  • Carry out tailor made training short courses on agriculture disciplines for extension staff in RS, LGAs, farmers and youth
  • Seek and provide scholarships within and outside the country to in-service technical staff in the Sector
  • Facilitate staff exchange programs within and outside the country for farmers and technical staff in the Sector
  • To build capacity of sector staff including RS and LGAs and farmers
  • Enforce NACTE standards within agricultural training institutes

The will have two sections as follows:

  • Curriculum Development Section
  • Institute Management Section

Curriculum Development Section

The activities of the Section are:-

  • Monitor curriculum implementations in all MAFC training institutes.
  • Coordinate all' matters pertaining to assessment and examination in the MAFC training institutes.
  • Coordinates farmer training programmes and other cross cutting issues (HIV/AIDS and gender).
  • Investigate students’ disciplinary cases and appeals.
  • Compile reports pertaining to curriculum development. Prepare quarterly and annual summary of activities from training institute.
  • Monitor training needs assessment for capacity strengthening of training unit professionals.
  • Develop and review instructional materials for short and long term training programmes for middle level manpower.
  • Develop instruments for implementing evaluating and reviewing middle level training programmes.
  • Organizes syllabi review workshops as well as writers workshop reports (and or revise syllabi, prepare new syllabi) teaching manuals, trainer guide, students manuals, farmers booklets, and field support guides on the various aspects or crop and livestock production.
  • Edit all drafts of syllabi and other curriculum materials ready for printing. Evaluate MATI training programmes and assessment of the need for instructional materials.
  • Determine the adequacy and. demand of MATI training programmes in the field performance point of view through field surveys and trace studies.
  • Make recommendations based on the results of the surveys and studies on how to improve quality of training to meet the needs of the stakeholders/labour market.
  • Organise annual training conference and prepare proceedings of the conference
  • Monitor implementation of training programmes and training support activities of MATIs

Institute Management Section

The activities of the Section are:-

  • Develop strategies and programmes for, institute sustainability
  • Establish and coordinate linkages between training unit and other training institutions within East Africa and elsewhere.
  • Prepare unit budget and financial reports.
  • Monitor the management and administration of the Ministry's training institutes.
  • Design training programmes for capacity strengthening of training unit professionals. Coordinate the acquisition of training unit materials and equipment.
  • Coordinate Technical Cooperation. SDIA activities for KATC, Ukiriguru, Ilonga and Igurusi training institutes.
  • Prepare, implement and review recruitment plan for long term technical training programmes (In-service & pre-service courses).
  • Evaluate effectiveness of human resources utilization at training institutes.

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