Kuhusu Wizara

Policy and Planning Division

To provide expertise and services in policy formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

To coordinate ministerial budget

  • To undertake internal as well as external monitoring and evaluation of the Ministry's activities, targets and performance
  • To provide a basis for making informed decisions on the future direction of the Ministry
  • To encourage and facilitate the provision of services by the Private Sector in the Ministry
  • To collect and analyse information on Agriculture, Food and Cooperatives sectors to make informed decisions
  • To prepare Ministerial contributions to the Budget Speech and Annual Economic Report
  • To institutionalise strategic planning and Budget skills in the Ministry
  • To ensure that Agriculture, Food and Cooperatives plans and budgeting are integrated into the government budgeting process
  • To provide overall coordination of sector strategy and program implementation
  • Policy Section
  • Planning Section
  • Development Assistance Coordination Section
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Section

Policy Section

  • The Section will perform the following activities:-
  • Coordinate, review and update agriculture sector policies
  • Monitor expenditures/investment in agricultural sector
  • Participate in review of other sector policy papers prepared by relevant ministries
  • Compile implementation reports on Ruling Party
    Manifesto and Parliamentary Committee Reports
  • Advice the Ministry on International policies relevant to the sector
  • Analyze divisional plans and programmes, guidelines and proposals to ensure consistency with national policies and guidelines.
  • Follow-up implementation of sector policies
  • Coordinate   privatization of agricultural sector parastatals
  • Coordinate preparation and review of cabinet papers of the sector and provide comments on cabinet papers from other ministries.
  • Coordinate Parliamentary issues.
  • Coordinate preparation of budget speech
  • Prepare Memorandum of Understanding for projects/ programmes for international financing and cooperation.

Planning and Statistics Section

The activities of the Section are:-

  • Coordinate formulation and preparation of ministry annual and medium term strategic plan
  • Advise technical departments on better use of resources and value for money
  • Coordinate the formulation and implementation of Sector strategies and programs
  • Review programme performance
  • Coordinate budgets and budget preparation process
  • Facilitate and create a conducive environment for private sector participation in the sector
  • Review/appraise plans, strategies and budgets of crop
    boards and institutions falling under the Ministry
  • Coordinate harmonization of the MDGs, Vision 2025, MKUKUTA ASDS, ASDP, MTSP and MTEF and translate them into workable sector plans and interventions
  • Coordinate Crop Boards and other institutions falling under the ministry
  • Undertake expenditure tracking and prepare Annual Reports
  • Advise implementation on project management
  • Identify sector budgetary implications on government decisions and directives
  • Coordinate compilation of Progress Reports and Actions Plans
  • Provide technical expertise on Strategic Plan, Action Plan and Client Service Charter preparation
  • Participate in the process of activity analysis and feasibility study
  • Represent the Ministry in the Parliamentary Committee of Agriculture when discussing crop boards audit reports and implementation reports

Development Assistance Coordination Section

The activities of the Section are:-

  • Provide guidance and leadership in all matters related to development assistance coordination and aid effectiveness in the sector.
  • Coordinate and facilitate effective sector dialogue
  • In liaison with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs follow-up implementation of the commitments on best practices in development cooperation under the Monterrey Consensus on Financing for Development (2000), Rome Declaration on Aid Harmonization (2003), Marrakech Memorandum on Managing for Results (2004) and Paris Declaration on Aid effectiveness (2005) within the agricultural sector.
  • Prepare periodic (quarterly) analytical reports on aid inflows and expenditures in the sector.
  • Prepare external financing requirement for the agricultural sector for input into the Budget Guidelines process.
  • Coordinate and participate in regional, bilateral, multilateral international, regional and sub-regional matters
  • Maintain database on development assistance
  • In liaison with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, oversee implementation of the Tanzania Assistance Strategy (TAS) and the Joint Assistance Strategy (JAST).
  • In liaison with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, oversee implementation of the General Budget Support (GBS) Partnership Framework Memorandum (PFM).

Monitoring and Evaluation Section

The activities of the Section are:-

  • Monitor overall Sector Performance
  • Monitor implementation of the Ministry's Annual Plan and Medium Term Strategic Plan
  • Prepare periodic (weekly, monthly, quarterly, mid-year,
    and annual) performance reports for the Ministry
  • Participate in preparing plans, programmes and budgetary activities of the Ministry including establishment of performance targets and indicators
  • Provide technical support including institutionalization of M&E process within the Ministry
  • Undertake research and impact studies of plans, projects and programmes undertaken by the Ministry
  • Undertake service delivery surveys to collect stakeholders/ clients views on services rendered by the Ministry;
  • Coordinate mid-year and annual performance reviews of the Ministry
  • Monitoring performance of Executive Agencies under the Ministry
  • Assess impact of various government policy decisions in the sector
  • Evaluate effects of trans-boundary matters on the agricultural sector
  • Undertake continuous analysis and review aid effectiveness
  • Evaluate effects of trans-boundary matters on the agricultural sector
  • Coordinate performance management system (M&E system)
  • Coordinate sector reviews (e.g. PER, Mid year and Annual Reviews)