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Tanzania Dairy Board (TDB)

Tanzania Dairy Board (TDB)

Tanzania Dairy Board (TDB) was established by the Dairy Industry Act Cap. 262 of 2004. The Board was inaugurated in on 11th November 2005 with a mandate to develop, promote and regulate dairy industry in Tanzania. This makes the history of the Board very short indeed but the history of regulation of the Dairy Industry in Tanzania dates far back as shown below.

The dairy industry in Tanzania has gone through various stages of development before and after independence. The history of regulation of the dairy industry in Tanzania starts with the colonial phase, 1921 -1960. During this period, the dairy industry was geared towards meeting the needs of the colonials, Indians and a few natives mainly in the urban areas of Dar es Salaam. The colonial government was the main actor during this formative period of the dairy industry. However, realizing the complexity and the private farming nature of the dairy production, the colonial Government withdrew completely from milk production, processing and marketing and left everything to private operators by 1960. In the subsequent period the Government directed its focus to the regulation of these enterprises in order to ensure both the public health and further development of the dairy industry.

Dairy Regulatory Services

Registration of Dairy Stakeholders
This is an inventory and needs assessment of dairy stakeholders which provides and it is done according to the Dairy Industry Act Section 17 (1) which requires any person who deals with milk and milk products shall with effect from the commencement of this Act, register with the Board.

1. Inspection of milk and milk products
This is done routinely to ensure hygienic milk handling and to ensure quality and safety to consumers.

2. Surveillance of the quality of milk and milk products
The Board continuously samples and tests milk and milk products across the dairy value chain. This provides information for planning and decision making on the matters of protecting the milk consumers in Tanzania

3. Review and development of Dairy standards
The Board is a member of the technical committee of the Tanzania Bureau of Standards which reviews and develops standards of milk and milk products in Tanzania

4. Management of dairy Imports and Exports
This is done to enhance the marketing of milk and milk products produced in Tanzania

Dairy Development

Registers dairy farmer’s groups, supports dairy farmer’s marketing organizations and dairy development activities such as dairy extension, dairy breeding research, dairy training, dairy products development and general market promotion including promotion of export, then coordinates all dairy processing and marketing 

Dairy Promotion Services

1. National Generic Promotion
The Board undertakes the national generic promotions to enhance milk and milk products consumption, marketing and quality improvement. The promotion also aims at improving the health and wealth of the majority Tanzanians

2. Promotion of School Feeding Program
The Board is promoting school feeding program which is already initiated in Tanzania through pilot program which are public private partnership led.

3. Promotion of investment in the dairy industry
The Board is promoting investment in the. The dairy industry has a very big potential in providing food security, income and employment.

4. Benchmarking
The Board continuously benchmark the Tanzania dairy industry on the matter of policy, productivity, processing, technologies, qualities marketing and practices among others