About the Ministry

General Contact Address

Department/Project Tellphone Number E-mail Address
Minister +255 262320034 Waziri@kilimo.go.tz
Deputy Minister +255 262320035 nw-kilimo@kilimo.go.tz
Deputy Minister +255262323264  
Permanent Secretary +255 262321407 ps@kilimo.go.tz
Deputy Permanent Secretary   dps@kilimo.go.tz
Administration and Personnel +255 262323265 dahrm@kilimo.go.tz
Policy and Planning   dpp@kilimo.go.tz
Participatory Agricultural Development and Empowerment Project   padep@kilimo.go.tz
National Food Security   dnfs@kilimo.go.tz
Crops and Development   dcd@kilimo.go.tz
AGITF   agitf@kilimo.go.tz
AGRIC Trade   agric.tradeinfo@kilimo.go.tz
Agricultural Sector Development Programme   asdp@kilimo.go.tz
Assistant Director- Crop Development   ad.crt@kilimo.go.tz
Assistant Director- Extension Services    
Breeders Rights   pbro@kilimo.go.tz
Farming Systems-Research and Training   fsr-se@kilimo.go.tz
Crop Monitoring-National Food Security   crop.monitoring@kilimo.go.tz
Research and Trainning    
Finance and Account Unit    
Corperative Division    
Information and Communication Technology  (ICT)   hict@kilimo.go.tz
Government Communictaion Unit (GCU)   hgcu@kilimo.go.tz
Legal Services Unit    
Internal Audit Unit    
Enviromental Management Unit   drt@kilimo.go.tz
Procument Unit