About the Ministry

Organization Structure

The President visited the Ministry on 18th January 2006. He raised great concern on the poor state of agriculture in terms of its low productivity and technology application, the poverty facing the majority of peasant farmers as well as the hard and tedious nature of peasant farming. He directed that an agricultural revolution is needed to convert peasant agriculture into business/commercial operations with the view to improve the welfare of the farmers. The President also emphasized on modernization of agriculture.

To implement the Presidential Directives the Ministry has to strengthen the following services:-

  • Farmers' access to technical advice and modern agricultural inputs like seeds, fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Spearhead mechanization of agricultural production and use of post harvest processing equipments and facilities.
  • Build capacity of Extension Officers.

In order for the Ministry of Agriculture  Client Service Charter to carry out its functions efficiently and effectively, it is proposed to have the following eight  Divisions and eight Units as shown in the organization chart below