Platform for Agricultural Policy Analysis and Coordination (PAPAC)

The Platform for Agricultural Policy Analysis and Coordination (PAPAC) has been established by the Government of Tanzania and its partners to improve the quality of agricultural sector policies and processes by enhancing national capacity for evidence-based agricultural policy planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation and implementation of mutual accountability frameworks. The Platform will effectively coordinate ongoing policy analyses and capacity building activities to enhance collaboration, synergy, and division of responsibilities based on comparative advantages among institutions supporting agricultural development in Tanzania.


Strengthen capacity for evidence-based agricultural policy planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation as well as related review and dialogue processes through:

  • Supporting the implementation of joint sector reviews and mutual accountability
  • Strategic analysis to fill knowledge gaps
  • Knowledge management, communications and policy dialogue
  • Capacity strengthening

Key Activities of PAPAC

The activities of PAPAC will support the Tanzania Agricultural and Food Security Investment Plan (TAFSIP) stakeholders that make up a network of partners. The partners include representatives of agricultural sector line ministries, the National Bureau of Statistics, research institutes, universities, policy analysis think tanks and networks, and other local organizations. Key activities are outlined below.

Supporting the implementation of TAFSIP

PAPAC will follow up on issues that arise during the implementation of TAFSIP and help to generate evidence-based knowledge and information to fill knowledge gaps, facilitate timely dissemination of policy relevant knowledge, and strengthen local institutional and human capacities in support of the implementation of TAFSIP.

Monitoring and evaluating agricultural sector performance and investments

In support of the preceding activity, the platform will also focus on monitoring and evaluating agricultural sector performance and assessing the impact of investments and policies against stipulated goals and targets. PAPAC will also support the establishment of a comprehensive, inclusive, and regular agriculture joint sector review to help advance mutual accountability in the agricultural sector.

Strategic analysis to fill knowledge gaps

This activity area will complement the above two activities and is intended to fill knowledge gaps that require immediate answers during the implementation of TAFSIP. PAPAC will tackle research issues that are relevant to the implementation of TAFSIP in order to ensure impact. Specifically, PAPAC will undertake special analytical studies to generate agricultural investment options and recommendations for accelerating growth while contributing to poverty and hunger reduction.


Effective partnerships will be forged to ensure that PAPAC builds on and links with existing policy support activities to the agricultural sector in Tanzania. The goal is to complement and add value to ongoing efforts in support of TAFSIP and the upcoming Tanzania Agricultural Sector Development Programme II. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security, and Cooperatives (MAFC), the Regional Strategic Analysis Knowledge Support System (ReSAKSS), the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), and Michigan State University (MSU) are the key partners in this project. They have been involved in the conceptualization of PAPAC and have each committed to play key roles in operationalizing PAPAC. Other strategic partnerships will be sought, especially with members of the Policy Analysis Group.

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