Tanzania Cotton Board (TCB)

Tanzania Cotton Board (TCB)

Tanzania Cotton Board is a statutory organization that was formed by the Act of Parliament No.2 of 2001, and entrusted with the functions of overseeing the growth and sustainability of the cotton sub-sector. Specifically TCB deals with regulatory functions within the cotton sub-sector on behalf of the government which includes ensuring adherence to cotton farming procedures and regulations, ensuringe steady supply of agro-inputs, maintaining a level playing ground for the cotton business companies and collecting, refining and disseminating information to the stakeholders.

TCB Vision
A pioneering institution in promoting a highly competitive Tanzanian cotton industry in quality, production and productivity.

TCB Mission
To improve the production, productivity and profitability of cotton by maximizing the compliance to rules and regulations that safeguard the quality of cotton sold both locally and internationally; by providing effective and efficient services to cotton stakeholders; by enhancing strong stakeholder relationships in order to boost self-regulation and promote the production, processing and consumption of cotton.

Core Values

  • Wealth creation
  • Creation of industrial linkages
  • Sustainability
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation and creativity

The history of Tanzania Cotton Board goes back to 1952 when the Lint and Seed Marketing Board of Tanganyika (LSMB) was formed by the Lint and Seed Marketing Ordinance with the main function of marketing cotton lint from Tanganyika.

In 1973, LSMB was dissolved and Tanzania Cotton Authority was established under the Cotton Industry Act No. 3 of 1973. The function of TCA was to promote the development of the cotton industry in Tanzania.
However in 1976, TCA took over the control of the entire industry from production, seed cotton buying, processing and marketing of lint after dissolution of the Regional Co-operative Unions (RCU’s).
The government reinstated the Regional Co-operative Unions in 1984 after repealing the Cotton Industry Act No. 3 of 1973 and Tanzania Cotton Marketing Board was formed in place of Tanzania Cotton Authority. TCMB was established by the Tanzania Cotton Marketing Board Act No. 19 of 1984 to carry out the marketing of cotton lint and cotton seeds.
However, the Principle act i.e. TCMB Act No. 19 of 1984 was amended by deleting all references to the name TCMB and substituted them by Tanzania Cotton Lint & Seed Board whose functions were mainly to regulate and control the quality and marketing of cotton lint and seed cotton.
However, the Act that formed TCLSB did not address production related problems facing the industry. This necessitated the formation of Tanzania Cotton Board (TCB) by the Act of Parliament i.e. Cotton industry Act No. 2 of 2001 which name came into effect on July 2004.