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Bodi za Mazao

Bodi ya Mkonge Tanzania (TSB)

Tanzania Sisal Board was established in 1997 by an Act of Parliament. This Act is the Sisal Industry Act No. 2 of 1997.  The Act repealed and replaced the Sisal Industry Act of 1973.

Functions of the Board

  • To promote the development and improvement of the sisal industry
  • To make regulations for the control of pests and diseases
  • To finance and or conduct research directly or through agents in any matter related to the sisal industry
  • To issue export and import license upon such terms and conditions
  • To regulate and control the quality, marketing and export of sisal
  • To collect, refine and disseminate information concerning sisal and promote its use
  • To advise the government on all matters pertaining to the sisal industry and
  • To carry out such other functions in relation to the sisal industry as the Minister may direct from time to time.

 Powers of the Board

  • To register sisal products and to determine the qualifications and conditions for such registration
  • To make orders or give directions for compulsory registration of all producers of sisal or sisal products or of any particular category of producers
  • To collect from producers information and statistics for use by the industry
  • To establish quality standards for sisal and sisal products and to ensure the compliance of such standards by persons so licensed
  • To issue export licenses for sisal and sisal products
  • To do anything or enter into any transaction which, in the opinion of the Board, is calculated to facilitate the proper and efficient carrying out of the Board's activities and the proper exercise of its functions
  • In liaison with producers and in consultation with farmer's association to represent the Government and the industry at all international forums relating to or dealing with the sisal industry
  • Subject to the prior approval in writing by the Minister, to perform any commercial functions as the Minister may consider necessary.

Core Values

  • Friendship: The Board believes in a friendly and participatory approach in that it involves employees, customers and all stakeholders in the formulation of policies for its corporate services.
  • Culture: The Board believes in a family-like atmosphere with the senior management taking a keen interest in staff.
  • Innovation: The Board believes in innovation and encourages the formulation of new ideas in reflection to its strong belief in progressive development.
  • Absolute integrity: The Board strives to maintain moral soundness as reflected by measures to ensure unity and honesty so as to safeguard the corporate image.
  • Respect: The Board will strive to ensure respect for individual initiative, personal growth and in the delivery of corporate services.