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Dhamira na Dira

About Us

Our Vision

The vision of the Ministry of Agriculture Client Service charter is stipulated in the following statement:

Nucleus for providing policy guidance and services to a modernized, commercialized, competitive and effective agriculture and cooperative systems by 2025

Our Mission

To deliver quality agricultural and cooperative services, provide conducive environment to stakeholders, build capacity of local Government Authorities and facilitate the private sector to contribute effectively to sustainable agricultural production, productivity and cooperative development, The MoA will this by:

  • Formulating, coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of relevant policies in the agricultural sector and monitoring crop regulating institution;
  • Collaboration with the private sector, local government and other service providers to provide relevant technical service in research, extension, irrigation, plant protection, crop promotion, land use, mechanization, agricultural inputs, information services and cooperative development;
  • Undertaking crop monitoring and early warning, maintaining strategic food reserves and promoting appropriate post harvest technologies, and
  • Encouraging, undertaking and coordinating research and development and training.

MoA Objectives

In order to fulfill the mission, MoA should achieve the following:

  • HIV/AIDS infections to MoA staff reduced by 2010
  • Sustainable food availability and supply at household level ensured by 2010.
  • Levels of agricultural production, productivity and quality raised by 2010
  • Development, promotion and use of appropriate agricultural technologies increased by 2010.
  • Integrated and sustainable use and management of natural resources to conserve the environment in agricultural undertakings promoted by 2010
  • Capacity of LGAs to deliver quality agricultural services improved by 2010.
  • Private sector participation in agriculture increased by 2010
  • Capacity of MoA to carry out its operations efficiently and effectively enhanced by 2010
  • Crosscutting issues internalized and linkages between agriculture and other sectors of rural development promoted by 2010
  • Financial position and performance of cooperative societies improved by 2010
  • Clear policies, strategies, legislation and regulatory framework for MoA activities developed by 2010.