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MATI - Mlingano, Tanga

Ministry of Agriculture Training Institute - Mlingano (Tanga)

The Ministry of Agriculture training Institute (MATI) Mlingano which was estabIished in 1970 offers long and short courses:

Long courses

  • Agromechanization

Short courses:

  • Draught animals
  • Management Farmers training
  • Tailor made courses on request.


MATI—Mlingano is located in Muheza District, Tanga Region, 30 km Wet to Tanga and 12km East of Muheza, on the Tanga-Dar es Salaam highway.


At the end of the course the students should be able to:-

  • Operate, repair and maintain farm machinery
  • Train and supervise machinery operators
  • Designer and make simple tools and machinery spares
  • Carryout extension programs
  • Train farmers and students.
  • Manage Farm workshops

Target Group:
Pre-Service: ‘A’ level with passes in any two of the following subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Geograph and English.

Course Content
First year:

  • Applied physics and mathematics
  • Electrical power and other sources of power
  • Tractor power
  • Planting fertilizer applicators, spraying and weeding
  • Machinery
  • Tillage machinery and tractor driving
  • Animal power
  • Workshop technology
  • Technical drawing
  • Soil and water-Management and agroforestry
  • Principles of crop husbandry &Livestock Production
  • Agricultural Economics and farm Management
  • Psychology, rural sociology, adult learning and gender

Second Year:

  • Harvesting and processing Machinery
  • Tractor power
  • Farm Power and Machinery management
  • Carpentry, precision instruments and lathe works
  • Farm structures
  • Rural technology
  • Farm management and Workshop
  • Organization and Management
  • Biometry
  • Farming Systems Research
  • Extension, communication skills and public administration.

Two years. The course starts in early September of each year.*

  • MATI—Mlingano Profile
  • Costs: US$ 2000 for foreign students
  • Tshs. 540,000/=* for private organizations
  • Tshs. 360 000I=* parent sponsored students
  • Tshs. 200,000/= Day students
  • *Subject to change annually

The course aims at enabling Participants to select, train, use care for draught animals in farm operations as well as repair maintain animal drawn implements and carts.

Target groups:

  • Extension workers
  • Farmers
  • Duration: Four weeks

Course content:

Week one

  • Selection of draught animals
  • Animal drawn implements
  • Farm operations.

Week Two

  • Training of oxen and donkeys for work

Week Three

  • Management and care of draught animals their implements.

Week Four

  • Application of the knowledge and Practice.


The Principal,
P.O.Box 5051,
Cell Phone: +255 754 387593
E.mail: matimIingano@hotmaiLcom

Pakua Faili: