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Bodi za Mazao

Bodi ya Pareto Tanzania (TPB)

The functions of the Board shall include the following-
(a) to consider and advise the Minister upon measures for the promotion, development and regulation of the pyrethrum industry;

(b) to receive, consider and advice the Minister upon any recommendations advanced by Pyrethrum Producers of their Association in the interest of the pyrethrum industry;

(c) subject to the approval of the Minister to conduct or finance research and experiments directly or through agents in any matter relating to the pyrethrum industry;

(d) to make regulations for control of pests and diseases;

(e) to issue export licences and determine the conditions for issuing such licences;

(f) generally to exercise the powers conferred and to carry out the duties imposed on it under the provisions of this Act or any rules made there under and to do all such things as in the opinion of the Board may be necessary, for the development of the pyrethrum industry.

P.O. Box 4817, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Tel.:+255 (22) 2114165
Mobile: 0754478798 / 0754899281