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Tovutu Zinazohusiana

CountrySTAT Tanzania

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) is the Central Statistical Office of Tanzania. It conducts Censuses and Surveys which yield a wide range of economic, social and demographic statistics.

Being the central of all official statistics it has been chosen to coordinate the CountrySTAT activities in the country as it conducts Agriculture Sample Census which Countrystat tool is based on disseminating the Food and Agriculture statistics.

National Bureau of Statistics in collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives; Ministry of Water ; Ministry of  Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries  ; Ministry of Industry and Trade; Prime Minister’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government; Office of the Chief Government Statistician,  Zanzibar; and Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Environment, Zanzibar and Tanzania Revenue Authority  is working on data collection for dissemination through the Countrystat website. 

The CountrySTAT  Secretariat is formed of five people as shown below in which each member has different assigned tasks.

Relation to FAOSTAT
The CountrySTAT Tanzania shall serve as a complementary system to FAOSTAT. The CountrySTAT outputs are designed to load easily into FAOSTAT. This process or flow improves FAOSTAT's capacity to provide high quality statistical data at the international level. It also promotes exchanges of data within countries, between countries and between FAO and countries. Following the FAOSTAT framework, the CountrySTAT Tanzania shall have statistical data series surrounded by statistical metadata.

As envisioned in the development of this system, data from the CountrySTAT, will be uploaded into FAOSTAT. As such, country contributions to international agriculture and food statistics will arrive from only one source. The CountrySTAT will initiate quality control steps at the country level as part of the FAOSTAT data quality monitoring and evaluation system. The benefits derived from improved national statistical systems will be conveyed to FAOSTAT in the form of high quality data contributions from the countries.

CountrySTAT Tanzania Databases
The databases in the CountrySTAT Tanzania are organized according to major domains identified by FAO and under two major groups: CountrySTAT Core and CountrySTAT Sub-national. The core data consist of national data shared with FAOSTAT database while the related or subnational data are those with subnational relevance. This arrangement of CountrySTAT Core and Subnational data provide end-users with the possibility of “navigating” through the databases from either geographic or thematic paths.

Metadata for the National Agricultural Statistics in Tanzania
The CountrySTAT system requires the preparation and publication of good metadata. All the databases and statistical tables posted in the CountrySTAT are adequately backed up by metadata.

CountrySTAT Tanzania Success Story
Advocacy Meetings: CountrySTAT  TWG meetings have been organized to collect data and metadata on crops, livestock, livestock products, forest products, irrigation and trade data  (export values for crop products) from respective ministries, departments and agencies.

These data are collected while in Excel format, therefore they are transformed into Px- Edit and finally uploaded on the CountrySTAT website.

Interview: CountrySTAT communication consultant once performed an interview with Countrystat Secretariet and made videos from the interview to create awareness on the existing of CountrySTAT system.

National Institutions involved in the CountrySTAT  Tanzania 

Name of Institution/OrganisationRoles
1.Ministry of  Agriculture, Livestock and FisheriesFertlizers and crops statistics
2.National Bureau of StatisticsProviding Agricultural Cencuses data and others
3.Ministry of Industry and TradePrice and trade data
4.Ministry of WaterIrrigation data
5.Ministry of Natural Resources and TourismForestry data
6.Ministry of Livestock and  Fisheries DevelopmentLivestock and Fisheries data
7.Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources(ZNZ)Production  data
8.Office of Chief Government StatisticianAgricultural Cencuses data -Zanzibar
9.Prime Minister's Office-Regional Administration and Local GovernmentAgricultural data
10.Tanzania Revenue Authority(TRA)Trade data