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Mifumi ya Tehama

Kilimo Dashboard

Agriculture Dashboard - Crop Market & Prices, Production & Stock, Weather Updates

AGRICULTURE DASHBOARD SYSTEM is an efficiency system which provides access to different contents on marketing for crops and prices of local market and international market, warehouse on stock management and weather information .

MARKETING DASHBOARD provide information on traditional export crops and non-traditional export crops. This dashboard shows price of various crops for the local market and international market and display graphs for the historical price on various crops for the local market especially Dar es Salaam market.

WAREHOUSE DASHBOARD provide information on stock management. This dashboard shows current stock in the storage.This involves stock inside and out, how much is available, where it is and what condition it is in .This dashboard displays important information which used by government to reduce importation for unnecessary goods, controls supply in the market as per the price fluctuations and stabilization of the price .

IRRIGATION INFRASTRUCTURE refer to an entity that operates water service infrastructure for the purposes of delivering water for the primary purpose of it being used for irrigation.

Sources of data for the agricultural dashboard are:

  • For Local markets prices data and production estimates are taken from cotton board.
  • For international markets (New York, London, Thailand, India and Bangladesh) data are from and